Saturday, April 21, 2007

Giveaway of the Day

Giveaway of the Day

I check this site out daily and today was a good one - maybe you can get in time still too!

I spent the morning shopping for my MOTHER gift for one of my groups. We were to buy something for each letter and package it up for our partner. I had fun doing it but I always feel like I never have enough in these things LOL so I will probably add another item or two. I am also debating on what I want to package it in. Ohhhhhhh so many choices!

I also got myself a few odds and ends since things were marked down anywhere from 30-60% off. I really wanted to get that darn Cuttlebug but it was $70 and I thought WooHoo I have a 50% off coupon - OH NO NO NO - it was on sale for the $70 so no can use the coupon. What a crock that is - darn it I really want that thing! So I dot myself a circle punch since my other one broke and I am going to play some this afternoon making some spin cards. I went to Stamp Chat last weekend and that was the card that Damien taught and I liked how it turned out so now my turn to play with it. I think I will play in the colors for one of the swaps I am in so if I like them I get a swap done too - multi tasking don't you love it!

Alanna is off at her daughter's wedding today - it is beautiful here and I hope there also. I am sure they are having a wonderful time and I bet Christine looks absolutely stunning! I can't wait to catch up with her on chat tomorrow or Monday and get the scoop!


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