Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Castaway Pad

I asked on a list about using the Castaway Pad as I had not had good results with my previous tries. Well a vendor offered up some tips to try for getting results. So I gave it another whirl, and another and another! Finally I found this pink paper and it worked on here giving me a bit of an off white or cream color. Overnight it changed to more white (or my eyes were just seeing better in the morning lol) I have since finished this piece off for use as a mini folder and I am pleased with the results. I tried many scraps of paper last night to see what the Castaway Pad worked on and didn't and I can't find any method to the madness it just happened to work on this particular paper. I will try some other scraps when I get more playtime again as it is fun and I can see many possibilities for using it.


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