Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prisma Color Pencils

So I stopped at my PO Box today to pick up my mail and the Prisma Color Pencils I scored a good deal on have finally arrived! I promptly came home and opened them up to play with. I almost cried when I realized I bought WATERCOLOR ones. I figured they wouldn't work with the Odorless Mineral Spirits which was the whole reason I wanted them as the Crayola's just weren't cutting it. Well what have I got to lose...I try them anyway...OMGosh they color like a dream and they looked fantastic! Gave that perfect shading from outer to inner that I was going for. I only colored one picture tonight since I had a lot to do but I can't wait to do more with them. Yep I think I am glad my dh is going away this weekend, my dd has to work and I can color the whole weekend away!
Well DUH! I forgot to scan the card I made too, hopefully the person I am sending it to will scan it for me and I will add it here later... see what happens when you get to excited!


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