Sunday, December 30, 2007

SU Angel

I went to a get together with one of my groups and they had a huge selection of SU stamps including this lovely angel. One of the ladies there used this as her shoe box project. We colored on the back of the velum with the watercolor crayons. That was my first time using them and they color pretty smoothly! I was impressed. The bottom was done with one of the wheels and rolled onto the paper so easily! I have the smaller wheels (well some anyway) and I really liked the wider bigger one used here also so I will have to look into getting some of them. I apologize as I don't know the color names and such for the supplies, I do not often use one specific company and I do not know enough about SU items to list them. The card was basically a lot of layering and then adding the lighter blue piece and the ribbon which is also layered. I used it for a Christmas card for someone this year. I am just cleaning up my card photo file and wanted to share this one with you all!


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