Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Faux Silk Card

I saw the tutorial for faux silk in my email earlier today and didn't think much of it, I figured I would get to it eventually LOL. Well I had to stop off at the Dollar Store on my way home and they had tissue paper on sale :) So I gave it a try!

I used Swirly Flowers from TAC (2338) and stamped the outer flower with my Bordeaux Palette Ink Pad and then used the second stamp to fill it in with Belle Rose Palette Ink Pad. I cut a 3" square of the faux silk and layered it on pink and then mauve paper from Hollo's. The mauve is textured and has a really nice feel to it. I used some of my Offrey Spool O Ribbon and tied it around the layered squares.

On my base cs I cut a piece of the mauve paper but it wasn't long enough so I cut it in half and lined it up with the sides - the square would cover the gap so no problem! LOL! I used some corner stick on pieces for the opposing corners/sides of the mauve pieces to give it some more oommmph! Once I had these pieces lined up and glued into place I layered my square on.

Then I cut a scalloped oval with my Marvy Super punch (blue one) and I layered a circle of the faux silk that I cut with my Paper Shapers circle punch ( I think this is the Whale of a Punch one it is gold.) Since the flower on the faux silk was off to the side I punched 3 small holes and added 3 pink brads to it. I then used glue dots to affix it to the scalloped circle and then more glue dots to add it to the top of the card.

I really need to learn how to better photograph or scan my cards - this looks so much better IRL! Anyway I hope you enjoy!


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