Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FREE $25 for opening an account!

Hey all I have found a great way to get a couple extra bucks for simply signing up for an account with this company it is similar to PayPal and is LEGIT! I don't normally do this "please join me thing" but I could use the referral incentative right now as money is tight if you care to allow me . Means I can buy more craft stuff woohoo! You can use this for online purchases and that includes your hobbies! LOL we all have stuff we "need" right! If you aren't interested no problem just skip this post. I am not pressuring anyone just sharing the info and $.

GET $25 EASILY but YOU DO have to provide information includingSS # to get this, sign up AUTOMATICALLY gets you $25 and you get $10 per referral THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER, in order to get your $25 you have to do this before 3/30/08 or they can pull this offer ANYTIME according to the terms & conditions.

Free (for now):# FREE to register for an account# FREE to add money to your bank account# FREE to send money# FREE to receive money# FREE to request money# FREE to transfer money to your bank account I HAVE CHECKED THIS OUT AND IT IS FDIC INSURED PLUS WASHINGTON POST HAD AN ARTICLE ABOUT IT!

YES I want the referral fees, you can have up to 50 or $500 so I thought I would ask if you are interested to let me refer you! I will need your email address and that is all, if you are interested please leave a comment here with your email and I will get an invite sent to you ...........I got my $25 within seconds! Before I even logged off the site! There is a $2.50 FEE if you want to request a check rather than send electronically to your bank account, which is no additional cost. This is similar to PayPal.

Please let me know if you are :)


HUGE THANKS to those who have already signed up I truly appreciate it and one of you I know already spent your $25 of FREE money LOL! Carry on crafters!

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