Thursday, February 28, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I made this as a replacement card for one that went missing in the lovely PO system. :0(
I used some scrap of pattern snowflake pattern and mounted it with some pale blue paper I had from Hollo's. I used my Seascape Palette Ink Pad to edge the mat paper some also. I liked how it set the edge off just a little.
There are 4 white snowflake eyelets I added to the top layer, the corner has a heart slipo that I slipped onto the edge and then I added the adorable snowman from my Cuttlebug die cut. He is too cute! I hate snow but he is welcome anytime with his wide smile and outstretched arms!
It wasnt' a hard card but the blues reflect the winter and like I said that little snowman is too cute!

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