Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a happy and wonderful Easter! It is coming early this year - are you ready are all your eggs colored? the baskets ready? Not me LOL! No egg coloring this year and wasn't planning to do any baskets until my daughter made the sad face last night when she asked if she needed to get the baskets out for me and I had said I will be off to shop I think tomorrow or Sat to put something together for her. I had bought her a pair of shoes which we are having to send back as they are too big! and a new camera she is getting but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO she still wants an Easter basket ...YEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anywhooooooo onto the card...

This was made using the Oil Pastel Gesso's technique from TJ newsletter. This is a fun and easy technique save for the sanding - something about sand paper - love the look it gives but I hate that scraping sound LOL!

I liked how the little bunny has the negative space and allows the background to come through on the bow too - neat effect and one I wasn't planning but simply noticed afterwords.

I thought the one corner looked a little naked so I added the prima with a brad which finished it off quite nicely!.

Thanks for looking!


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