Thursday, April 17, 2008

Opalite Infusion TJ Technique

I only have 2 Opalite pads the gold and silver and I have to be honest I am not to keen on either one of them. They sit in the shelf upside down in hopes they will stay juicy but no, alas I must reink them each time I want to use them and still I feel like they are dry and hard to use. Anyway I thought I would give this technique a try I mean come on if I can find a use for a product I bought that means I will use it more then I am all for it! So I gave the TJ newsletter a look when I saw the word Opalite and thought ok I can try this.
Part of the directions say the Opalite will help the colors to glide on well there was no gliding and mixing here LOL I had to put a lot of rubbing and blending in to get this look. There is some shimmer to it but it is hard to see in the photo. Sorry I tired several shots to get it but none really reflected it.
So I am still not to keen on the Opalites but I might dump some more reinker on the pad. let it soak, reink again and give it another go...we'll see.............

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