Thursday, May 15, 2008

PPP is a new adventure for me:)

PPP or rather PayPerPost is a new blogging adventure for me. I signed on because I think it is about time I start making my online time a little more profitable in the sense of hard earned cash as well as outreaching to others and spreading the word on products and opportunities that come along.

You can check it out by clicking here blog ads or read on for more info and another link at the bottom :)

I recall that I saw the PPP logo on many blogs I visit but I didn’t really understand the concept. I am learning as I go and I pray you will stick with me and hopefully learn a thing or two also. The basics are that you are helping various advertisers to spread the word about their products and offers through blogging about it on your blog.. There is a HUGE list of opportunities that you can choose from, find something relevant and then go for it! You reserve the opportunity, follow the requirements and once it is approved you will reap the rewards.

The PPP website is loaded with colorful graphics and plenty of help and their “Customer Love” is available through FAQ or a ticketing program. I just love that “Customer Love” title for the help! GREAT!

I am new to the PPP blogging family so I have yet to make some friends but I know I have seen a blog or two I already frequent so I am bound to find a friend or two eventually. Meanwhile I find myself clicking some of the top earner blogs and checking them out to learn the tips and tricks of the trade J

So check it out for yourself if you blog and perhaps you too will want to join the family. I look forward to many opportunities coming my way and thanks for reading my blog!

If you would like to check it out just click this here and you will go right there :)

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