Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My daughter graduated this year and we made invitations to send out for her Open House party as well as to hold the pictures we wanted to send to people :)

We used white card stock folded in half and then the top cut off to reveal the Cuttlebug embossed invitation background top. We then ran the card through the Cuttlebug a second time to put the Graduation hat centered onto the front smaller flap. When you folded it closed you only saw the "You're Invited" and the hat.

Inside were all the details and then using my SU punch thing we made a spot to hold the picture in place. The closed card was the perfect height to cover the photo so people didn't know it was there until opening it. The cards were easy and fun to make. The writing of all the info was a chore! My hands were killing me and I ended up having to have my dd finish them off. I have to admit we cheated some too with using labels for addresses - I just couldn't write any more!

Thanks for looking :)


Oh yeah the party went off well - it was a record temp setting day so there weren't as many people out and we had quite a bit of food left over but all in all it was a fun day and nice to see some people we haven't for awhile. I got lots of compliments on my Rigatoni LOL which made me smile since I wasn't sure it was a wing it recipe LOL! Never cooked for that many ppl before!

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