Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Social Spark - a new way to get noticed

A new community of bloggers and advertisers is here! SocialSpark is a great tool to use for advertisers to get their product info out while bloggers can socialize with other like minded bloggers and create a community of friends.

I did a little bit of searching this AM after signing up and found this profile
another piece of the puzzle
when I did a search for rubber stamping. I have to be honest in that I didn't thoroughly check this out so I am not sure what all she blogs about but I was touched by the fact that she deals with autism and also is a rubber stamper!

At the Social Spark profile page there is a click-able link at the top that will take you right to the blog, you can check out others blogs by following the link.

I like that on Social Spark you can search by key words to find like minded bloggers and also that advertisers can do so to find you :) I am a little confused about how the whole thing works but I think that I will enjoy browsing around and seeing how or this or that relates and how you can find more info on the ins and outs of how things work there. It will grow on me I am sure as other social networking places have :)
There is a way to get messages and also you can leave props both good and bad for other users, there are charts to show their ratings and blog traffic and a whole wealth of other useful information for those needing to know all that info LOL! I mostly blog for fun but am not opposed to making a few dollar's and friends along the way!

I do wish that they had a beginner's tutorial to follow - if they do I am missing it but it would be nice to see a page "how to get started" or something to better explain to new users the ins and outs of how it ought to work.

Give Social Spark a try - it seems like a great place to get noticed!

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