Thursday, June 26, 2008

WinWatermark Tut - Just the basics!

Well everyone if you were lucky enough to get the WinWatermarking program and are wondering now what to do with it here is a small tut to get you started - complete with screen shots! I hope it is helpful to someone :)

Open WinWatermark and this is the screen you should get:

Click on the button that says Add Files:

Switch the top tab from Images to Watermarks and then click on Add Text:

Your screen should now look like this:

CLick the WinWatermark in th top box and you will get the following screen

At this point you will enter in the text you want then select the color and enabling background or shadowing, play around till you get something you like, then click OK.

I choose a white text here for you to be able to see but you will probably want to make yours differently and then use the tools on the next screen to make it more transparent.

Again, just play with it till you get something you like.
You will get a box like the own below showing your watermark in the upper left corner.
Using the controls on the lower right move your text to the location you desire.

Use the sliders on the right in the middle to adjust your watermark to your liking.

The next screen begins your save process and you will need to choose a destination file first then you hit the blue arrow to continue the next step.

You will be asked what type of file you wish to save as. Most common is the .jpg which is what I choose here:

Then you will be asked to click Start

After the image is processed your screen will ask if you want to be taken to the
destination folder.

that's it!
Your pictures are marked now.

You can also crop in the program and some other things too but before doing so I would suggest to play with an image you don't mind messing up LOL just in case or make a duplicate of your image you are working with.

Have fun and let me know what other tricks you find the program does.

Good Luck!

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