Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wondering if I am the only one.....

I sometimes find stamped images I like but don't want to really invest in the stamp yet so
I will go in search of someone who has them and will trade or will
put a small package together for me to buy.
Now having been in several swaps along the way and also stamping images at get together's and such I almost always use white paper and black ink. Sometimes embossing them if I have the stuff with me. If I am making a package to send to someone I use only images I myself would use, clear crisply stamped without edge marks or all cocky on a paper or a gazillion images stamped together and not cut so close that you HAVE to cut the image out to use it.
Well I am really dissapointed with 2 batches of stamped images I bought lately. They were stamped on non white paper, most were very lightly stamped meaning not a good impression and on the dark ones the edges showed where they had been inked also instead of just the image. The papers were cut all cooky so that you couldn't layer a rectangle or use a cutter to even them out to layer up you HAD to cut the actual image out to use it.
I guess it really irks me as I paid good money for them and now
when I see them sitting there I don't even want to use them. What a waste.
So a little advice when you are stamping images to give away to someone else give only what you would like to have received in return- QUALITY!

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