Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day!

On my Yahoo group one of the gals asked me to host a swap relating to a special holiday - not any holiday but monthly day holiday's. You know the silly ones that get made up along the way :) Well of course I was up to the challenge I had actually participated in some along the way already on SwapBot. So we had a card went to a specific site and looked at their holiday calendar, picked a day to celebrate and then made your partner a card. Well I saw that today, August30, 2008 is Toasted Marshmallow's Day and I just had to run with it! I love toasting and eating marsho's, getting them golden brown and all puffed up and mushy on the inside! Oh wonderful I can feel my mouth watering already! he he

So this is the card I made and sent to my partner to celebrate!

The stamps are CTMH and as you can see they have the most adorable camping things...I am hopefully at the campground now and will be roasting my own marsho's this weekend! I popped them up a bit using some foam tape cause you don't want to burn them or catch fire to them - ok well I don't anyway some people I know like them burned but this is my fantasy holiday right! So they are popped up some!

Here is the whole card front...wishing you all good times and many toasted marsho's!