Friday, August 1, 2008

no card post but something else...

I won I won I won!
I enter contests all the time - my family tells me I win a lot but I don't think so at least not the good stuff a lot BUT today was a good stuff one! A super good stuff one!

I won tickets to go to see......

I called my daughter and she is excited and can't wait to go too so we will head off to Cleveland next week (Tuesday night) to see this. I can't wait! I won these off the local TV station website. You ought to check yours to see if they have contests to enter. I did win one other to go see a movie pre-release night at the theater in Cleveland too! Oh wait that was from the radio station! Oh yeah and another from the radio station was a concert for Bowling for Soup at the House of Blues in Cleveland. Hmmmm maybe I do win my fair shares of good ones! LOL!

Funny my dad was just asking me if I had seen the movie yet and I said no and he said I ought to go I would like it - he did. He is off on a mini vacation right now or I would be calling him to tell him I won I won I won! LOL!

I'll have to go see the movie after to see how it compares I guess :)
I imagine it will be sorta like the book is always better!

Ok so I am off to a crab leg dinner tonight and I hope tomorrow to catch up with my stamping stuff - I have had a rough week with getting anything completed :( So sorry for no card share tonight - there just aren't any ready!

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Lesley said...

Congrats Karyn! I'll be seeing that when it comes to the $ theater in Florida!!