Thursday, September 4, 2008

from the past

Do you ever look back on your past work and wonder what in the world was I thinking? LOL I do sometimes and it amazes me how what I once thought was a great card - now I might not even send that out LOL! As they say we are our own worst critics but it never hurts to reflect on past work to see and appreciate where we are today I share a link to a gallery of my photo's which I will continue to update to now that I have my username info again LOL!
Let me know what you card is still even after all these years my favorite and you know it was one of the very first I ever did. It is 5x7 card and just 3leaves on the front with circles cut out and the leaves of color showing through. It is Item#347...I think this will always be a favorite and I still have this one too - couldn't ever part with it!


Anonymous said...

teehee!! I do this all the time!! :)

JB-Crafting Supplies said...

I do that as well!!!
You have some lovely cards in your gallery!

Julie sbs-24

Chrissy D said...

Karyn - Yes! I have done that a TON of times. That is funny you should say that. LOL You do have some great projects in there though too! Chris D sbs-24