Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Games with a craft flair!

For the past few years yahoo groups I have held a stamper/scrapper version of the Survivor Game which has now grown to include other reality TV as we have interest :) Here is the "scoop" on the game and if you are interested please let me know. There won't be any groups to join I will update through my blog also for you all :) Please leave me a note in the comments if you want to play and who your picks are. Please wait for confirmation before sending any money I don't want to have to worry if your picks are taken or the game is "sold-out!"

Basically you pick a team/player to be "yours" and hope they do the best, from week to week they hopefully keep going for you and you end up the winner if they win the game. If they WIN you WIN!. Cost is $5 for a team/person and can be sent to me via Paypal NON credit card or via snail mail "concealed cash" I will give my address to you after we are sure you have a spot if you don't have access to it via one of the Yahoo groups I am in :)

Should you reserve a player and are not paid by the 3rd week of the game you forfeit your player and any rights to any prizes.

Prize payout is first voted or losing out gets a pity prize something roughly valued at your entry fee including the postage to mail to you.

For Amazing Race the payout will be First place $40-$45 in stamping & scrapping prizes including postage.

For Survivor the payout will be First place $45-$50 in stamping & scrapping prizes including postage to mail and second place will be for $25-$30 in stamping & scrapping prizes including postage to mail.

I will post weekly updates with updated charts and hopefully if I was able to watch a brief dialogue of what went on :)

You can check the players out at
Amazing Race:

Teams left for Amazing Race are:
Anthony & Stephanie, Brooke & Marissa and Terence & Sarah


Still MANY players available!

Please do send me your first 2 choices for Survivor just in case your first pick is gone.

Hope you will join in!

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