Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sketches {by tamara} # 63

Nothing like playing catch up LOL!
It sure leaves an abundance of sketches for me to look to for inspiration :)

Here is one sketch I really liked and has lots of possibilities that {tamara} had up.

I colored the wishing well with my Copic Markers and inside it says Make a Wish. This is going out as a birthday card to someone :)

Those flourishes are from Queen Cat Designs - I had a hard time with them when I first bought them not getting a good impression, today I had no problem - go figure! Either I have learned more or they are just cooperating today...I think I'll go with the I have learned more theory!
he he


Unknown said...

Love the well and the sentiment to go with it!

Kathy W said...

beatiful coloring job!