Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dear Anonymous Commenter

An anoymous person posted a comment on my blog hopper post and I wanted to take a minute to respond here in hopes they will read it since I can't respond directly to them being they didn't leave me any indication who they were :) Would have loved to check out your blog and tell you specifically about yours what I DO LIKE!

If you read the previous post the first top things I listed I don't like all come back to the fact that I want to REMAIN ON YOUR BLOG and not be transported back to somewhere else or to some other place on your blog where I can't get back to reading where I was before I got linked (distracted). So while they were dislikes for me they were compliments to many bloggers out there as I am trying to tell you EASY WAYS to keep me there on your page and reading and noticing YOUR stuff!

The last thing I mentioned actually is along the same lines and it is hoping that there was an easy way to communicate back to those who left comments as sometimes ppl ask about specific things (kinda like you did now asking what I like.)

Anyway here is a small list of things I like off the top of my head cause Lord knows the list could go on and on as I think of more or see more while I am hopping!

1. ) AWESOME artwork!
2.) getting to see new stamps/companies I may never have heard of.
3.) reading day to day commentary about different parts of the world
4.) Visiting places near and far through others pictures and narratives (for example one blog I hop fairly regularly just made a trip to Japan and shared some awesome photo's of the time there so I was living vicariously through them!)
5.) seeing all the different ways ppl do their blog layouts and finding cool new things to add to my own like backgrounds, blinkies and such
6.) finding new places to check for challenges and group activities
7.) getting to know people and make friends
8.) being amazed at the variety of things people blog about, food, friends, games, sports, cooking, and I even have found one about bugs LOL! So many more I am sure it is astounding!

there are more thoughts jumbling around in my head but is this a good start to tell you things I like? Remember though that it is about you too, so even though these are things I like (and previously posted didn't like) your list is bound to be different and as unique as you are!

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