Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Tree Before :)

Here is our Christmas tree before we put any presents under it this year. My dd decided to go with a theme of white, silver and blue. This is a first for us to have a themed tree as we usually just put up whatever ornaments we have gathered over the years or those we have made...all the way back since I was a kid LOL! So yes the tree is generally quite crowded! We have paired down a lot this year and tossed some broken items, left several in the boxes and bought new in the theme colors as well as used the white angels which are mine from before (my SIL made them one year!) Anyway hope you enjoy it as much as we are! This is our first tree in a couple years and the house smells so wonderful! LOL

I'll share an after soon so you can see the craziness my dd indulged in this year with shopping!

Oh and yes we know we need a tree skirt but they didn't have any and we couldn't find our old one...going to have to keep an eye out for one for next year!

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