Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Answering some questions

Many times I get comments and questions I would like to respond to from you all but unfortunately I am not always able to find your emails to respond to so I thought I would take a moment to answer a few questions here :)

The pictures/graphics I use to post for blog candy alerts are tags, some I make myself and some I snag or request from tagging sites/groups. You are welcome to snag them for use yourself however please do not make changes to them such as altering the size, the wording or whatever else. They are to stay the way they are but can be freely used!

Trading ATC's - I am happy to trade ATC's - just contact me via the email link in the sidebar and we can set it up!

Cards for Sale - yes yes yes - I would be delighted to sell cards I make.
Right now I am mainly working on Valentines for the blog candy (above) but after that I will start marking the cards as for sale or not so you can then inquire about them! Thank you for the many compliments on them, it is because of those that I keep plugging along!

Published - I have no idea really about a good place to go as I have not yet been published in a magazine just in ezines. I am VERY INTERESTED in this so if you have any tips please leave them in the comments so I can start doing them and pass the info along to some others who are also wanting to be published.

Trading stamped Images...I host a monthly swap on Swap-Bot for images and you are welcome to join me there. If you really want an image I am working with then please by all means contact me through the email link on the sidebar and we can work out a trade or I am happy to stamp you off a couple to play with!

Guess that is it for now LOL

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