Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An award from Vicki!

Thanks to Vicki over at Stamped Smiles for awarding me this Marie Antoinette Award. I did a report one time in elementary school on her and she has always been a source of fascination for me so what a treat to see her here!

Now the rules say that I am supposed to name 5-6 things about myself
tag that many people for this award...well we all know it is hard to pick just 5 so I am saying all you who stop by all the time and read my blog (you know who you are - you read through my blah blah blah everyday!) well you all grab this award and pin it on yourself
- well on your blog anyway! LOL!
Let me know you snagged it so I can visit you too and learn some things about you also!

So now a few things about me...

~ I am kinda feeling out of place in my life lately with a dd in college and a spouse who has work and other interests I am kinda feeling lost so I am thankful for stamping to fill my time!

~ I utterly HATE ice/snow/frigid cold yet I live in OH which as most of you know has all those things, especially heavy on the ice and frigid cold this year. I would move in a heartbeat but dh says he loves it here and well we can't afford two homes!

~Stamping is fun and relaxing for me - I also enjoy the feeling I get when I give cards to people and they comment on the work that went into them and appreciate them.

~I LOVE LOVE LOVE sketches and try to do several every week. It is a challenge kind of like a puzzle to make the pieces parts all work together and look (close) to what the sketch does!

~I was off from work today, had some errands to run and my dh only had to work a half day so we went out to lunch together - it was fun to have a middle of the day date LOL!

ok so there you have some random things about me - I'll be watching for your links to your award post and random things about you also!

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