Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I got a blog award!

My fellow SBS24 sister, Wendy gave me this award and I am finally getting some time to catch up and pass it on to some other bloggers :)

As usual there are a few conditions to this award, but nothing to hard...

1. Link to the blogger who gave you this award Wendy.

2. Name 5 things that you are addicted to.

3. Pass the award to five other bloggers who inspire you!

So here I go...
5 things that I am addicted to no particular order....
Popcorn YUM-O Buttery Popcorn!
Blogging writing in mine and reading LOTS of others!
Card Making
Second Life
Chapstick - I constantly am putting it on LOL I like the mint or medicated cause it makes my lips tingle :D

Mow 5 bloggers that inspire me... this is hard there are so many out there but here are a couple:

Anna Banana Creations - she is my bested friend and always there when I need her, her blog is just like her full of energy and pep and cheer! If you don't read it already you really ought to check it out!

Three Clover Designs - Kerry does amazing work and she has a house full too! I don't understand how she fits it all in LOL!

Vicki at Stamped Smiles is another amazing person! She is on several DT teams and always is sharing something fabulous on her blog!

Mother Goose at Solomon Surprises
is a fun blog I like to follow too. It isn't crafting related but I think it is a cool blog!

Christina's Creative Expression
is another of my SBS24 sisters and a great blog too! I love the fresh fun ideas she shares!

So here are a few of my favorite things....oh yeah don't sing Karyn you are not good at it ....leave that to HRH! LOL!


Anna Banana said...

Awww - You are so very sweet!!
I loves you!

HRH Anna Banana

*sings* Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

FireCracker082 said...

congrats on the blog award!! what a FUN one!

Kerry D-C said...

Congrats!!! Well deserved!!
aaaaaww Shucks!! Thanks for passing the love on! (((hugs)))