Friday, February 27, 2009


I have wanted a BIA for awhile but it was kind of expensive and you have to have this and that to go with it - it isn't one of those things that comes ready to play with just enough stuff to hook you into having to get MORE! you have to buy the MORE before you can start playing LOL! In talking to my friend Erin she mentioned she had some of the blue BIA's in stock and wanted to get them moving. Well I told her to make me a "starter kit" up an I would take one. So she did :)

What she has made up is this delightful starter kit which is for sale here at Stamper Storage

You get not only the BIA but oodles of Owires and some chipboard covers. All this:
Our Starter Kit Includes:
Reg Retail
Blue Bind It All Machine - version 1

$ 65.00

1 Package 1" Owires, Silver (6-12" pieces) $ 7.49
1 Package 3/4" Owires, Silver (6-12" pieces) $ 5.99
1 Package 5/8" Owires, Silver (6-12" pieces) $ 5.50
1 Package 1/2" Owires, Silver (6-12" pieces) $ 4.50
1 Package 3/8" Owires, Silver (6-12" pieces)

$ 3.99

Pairs of 4x4" Chipboard Covers, Craft
$ 4.00
4 Pairs of 4x6" Chipboard Covers, Craft $ 5.20
Pairs of 6x6" Chipboard Covers, Craft

$ 6.00

Total Regular Retail Value
$ 107.67

Look at that over $100 worth of product to get you moving on making some great projects. ONLY she isn't selling it for that price it is a LOT lower!
all of that for only
That is over 25% off - an awesome deal and you need to scoot yourself over there right now and snap one up before they are gone. Once they are gone you lose as the blue BIA is no longer being made and that means the sale can't go on! Tell her I sent you :)

Of course I had to dig right into mine when it got here and try it out. I knew one thing I wanted to make was a card holder for some people so this is one of them, I am not done with the inside yet so no pics LOL it will come at a future date...

Have fun with your BIA!