Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Kit Cards

Red ribbon is from RRR the rest is from the kit - sorry you can't see the red rose in the back very well it is visible through the cut out of the front but I couldn't get it to stay shut and get a decent picture of it.

The gold embossed hearts I received in the Swap-Bot image swap I hosted for January - the theme was LOVE. The rest is all stuff from the kit.

Everything but the black paper I layered with is from the kit here. I used pop dots on the smaller square and then also along the stem of the flower to make it sit nicely over the ribbon. Of all the kit cards I think I like this one and the one with the yellow Prima's that I shared the other day best! What about you?


Sally said...

Very elegant

Anna Banana said...

WOW!! The cards just keep going with this kit - it must have been HUGE! I especially like the window card with the rose showing through from the inside of the card!
Anna Banana

Sally said...

Beautiful cards, what a great kit to work from. It is a toss up between whether I prefer this set or the yellow primas more - both look wonderful.

Kathy W said...

wow that is some kit and all the cards are so different looking

Unknown said...

these are nice, just love the heart one , very classy