Monday, February 23, 2009

Nursing Home

Well this report is a little over due and for that I apologize - I am just run down and although I have been getting through the days I am just plum wore out and not inspired to do much else.

The Nursing Home project was a GREAT SUCCESS!

I actually took cards to 2 different homes as we had enough, candy for them all too although that wasn't as appreciated by the nurses...I guess we really didn't think that part through but one piece was all that was intended for everyone so hopefully it brought a little cheer to the recipients instead of being tucked away in the break rooms for the staff or something. I was not allowed to take pictures in the homes as some of the residents didn't want their pictures taken and the other one just plain said no. At the first home I got to pass the cards out and they all were very appreciative and delighted to receive the cards! It was so worth it to just see their smiles! At the second one I wasn't permitted to pass them out but the ones who were in the lobby area thanked me as did the staff who took the boxes of cards and the bag of candy. There were more cards than ppl for there but they said they would give them to spouses as they came in also (great idea I had not thought of the spouses or families of those in the homes!) and anything left over they were going to take to the assisted living home next door in the evening. All in all it was a success and I am thankful for all the participation from everyone! I will be taking cards again at some point and I would urge you to do so too. Everyone loves to be remembered!


Sally said...

So happy to hear it was such a success.

michele said...

It was a thoughtful gesture karyn! so glad it was a success. hugs mx

Kim. said...

Really glad all worked out well and everyone was happy with all your hard work and effort.
Kim xXx

Brooke said...

You never know how much one kind act will affect the world. Good for you.