Sunday, March 15, 2009

with change comes some loss

You may or may not of noticed but I have a new domain name :)
Yep I took the plunge and got my own...that being said some trial and error was going on behind the scenes and in doing so it appears I have lost some blog rolls (Friends & Fun and my SBS24 links) So I will be re-adding them - please bear with me on this - it may take some time. I think I may revert back to a 2 column blog also as I have had some feedback saying it is a little crowded here. So if you stop by and get an error message or something isn't looking quite right be aware I might be working on things and please do come try again later :) I have no intention of letting the blog go - just trying to make it better and easier to use :)

thanks so much everyone!

Oh and if you are wondering the new link is...


pinky said...

Like the new name. was playing around with my own blog last week and nearly couldn't get it right again. So I've settled with what i have. Good luck with the changes.

Sally said...

Love the new look, you are good getting your own domain! I had enough trouble getting my own background on my blog, and in doing so I also managed to delete all my links! Still think I am missing a few!

Sal x x

michele said...

love the new look! the link from the c4e blog works fine as is! hugs mx