Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Elemental Doodle Pins

I made a set of 2 pins for my Mom also which I wanted to share here.
The Elemental Doodles He is Risen stamp set worked perfectly for them, just the right size.

Inks are Palette and I edged them with a copic marker in Slate. Then I use 3D Crystal Lacquer to seal the top. Affix the pin back and they are ready. Biggest thing is make sure they are DRY in between in and applying the Lacquer and then let the Lacquer dry - I generally do overnight or longer. If you don't you are likely to get ink bleed or fingerprints on the Lacquer which doesn't really make for a pretty pin! They are fairly easy to make and look quite nice when finished.
I do enjoy making pins and need to get some more chipboard blanks!


Stef H said...

Genius! And thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

very nice but how do you affix the pin?

Manna said...

These pins are way cool!