Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday - Another Kit Card

Here is another of those fun round birthday cards from the Card Maker Kit!
This one uses a 3D sticker from Mark Richards Collections that was sitting on my work area. I also applied rain dots and the birthday sentiment from FCD to it.

Love these cards cause they can be done in a jiffy but look super cute!

Hey just to let you all know there will be a FCD blog hop this weekend and the candy is hid this time so you will want to start at the beginning (don't worry I'll link you!) See you then!


Stef H said...

This is fabulous! Love that cake!


pinky said...

Great card, for all ages! Look forward to the blog hop.

Yaneri said...

So so stickin' cute! I really really like round shape cards! I the embellishments you added, so adorable!


Anna Banana said...

That birthday cake is so adorable!! I want one just like it for my next birthday - make it with chocolate insides please!
Tee Hee!!

Anna Banana

Unknown said...

WOW that sticker really made that card. I love it!

Manna said...

This card is totally awesome! I'll have to case this one :) Love it!