Monday, May 4, 2009

Floral Spray

I took this close up so you can see the lines of the paper I stamped on and the shimmer of it too! It is from Paper Temptress - most awesome paper I have found yet - she has a ton to choose from and it is all to die for!

This is a stamp from the Mystic Fairy set by Elemental Doodles. This is a diverse set with several "main" images to choose from. I shared the fairy with you earlier and this is the floral spray. Adding just a touch of color to the flowers and leaves makes for a great presentation.

I have a hard time with manly cards so this one I found a sticker that said "To the Special Man In My Life" and added it to the front under the flowers. I used burgundy/red colors for it and inside it says "The Most Beautiful View Is The One I Share With You." I am not usually a sticker person but that is what seemed to fit the card as I was assembling it. The ribbon is awesome as it is burgundy with a black edge and just enough silver in the stripe to bring out the shimmer of the paper. I also stamped on the card base itself with one of the other stamps in the Mystic Fairy set - essentially making my own background paper!

Elemental Doodles is having a Spring Fling special right now also, be sure to check it out!

15% off during May! now is your chance to grab some great stamps to add to your collection!

Don't forget too that Elemental Doodles rewards you for being published too! Check out their policy on that by clicking here. I have sent a couple things off and am playing the waiting game to see if they use anything or not :)


Stef H said...

This is beautiful. I still have not tried any Paper Temptress papers and don't ask what I'm waiting for - probably to hit the lottery - LOL!


Unknown said...

This is a good one for a romantic hubby card. Not overly feminine but enough to let them know its from their wife. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

This is just gorgeous Karyn!! Love your colors!! :)

the PaperTemptress said...

Wow, I was just searching the groups and linked here to "critique" your cards per your request and found this....what can I say, I love it!! Honestly though even though it uses my favorite cardstock the laser silver lustre!! I wouldn't change anything!!

Check out PaperTemptress's blog
and May's specials!


Monica-FC said...

simply gorgeous.