Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May!

Hello everyone :)

Well I missed my blogoversary last month and then I saw a post (wish I had bookmarked where) about blog candy and I had to admit I agreed a lot with the poster that the blog candy's are getting out of this can people afford to give away so much. I have been collecting little bits here and there to make a nice package and yet I still can't compete with anyone out there...but then why do I want to? It is the faithful readers I want to win :) Not someone who stops in one time posts "pick me" and then you never hear from them again (hey I am guilty of this too in the past but trying to get better at subscribing so I can read daily even if I can't post comments on everyone's daily!) Anywhooo... I have done the random # generator and picked a "lucky" day between today and May 31st. No I am not telling you what day so you don't know if the comments you left today count or maybe not until the 21st or 31st LOL! On June 1st I will take all the comments from the "lucky" day and draw for my collected goodies of blog candy. I have some brand new stamps in there some yummy goodies and some papers, ribbons...maybe a couple other things up there waiting in the basket too I can't remember :D so the rules well more like what counts although you can comment as many times as you want just the first one counts so you don't have to go back every day and comment on everything, just do as you normally would and keep your fingers crossed that you commented on the "lucky" # day and then that you are the lucky comment drawn out of the hat!

Have fun and as always I love to read your comments! :)


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I wonder about that too...who can afford to give away a bunch of copic markers? Some of these just floor me. This is a fabulous way to do blog candy...great idea! I might have to borrow your idea before too long!

Stef H said...

and I love being here. Candy or no candy.

I so agree with you on that though. I'd rather have the faithfuls than the one-times!


Unknown said...

I agree with Denise Copics nestibilities not cheap. But i agree so much more fun to do it this way!

pinky said...

This is a lovely idea,and makes it nice for those who do follow you regularly. Happy bloganniversary by the way lol.

Nicki said...

Brilliant idea! I did a little blog candy draw recently and was shocked at the number of people who entered who have a blog consisting entirely of links to the candies they are entering - not a single card or project that they have made. Maybe I'm naive, but I didn't feel that was in the spirit of crafty blogging at all. I don't always leave a comment if I just do a quick visit, so I won't change my ways just to try to win! Nicki, xx.

christina d said...

I may not always leave a comment, but I love to see what you've been doing. Happy Blogaversary!!

Monica-FC said...

well, congrats here. it is so nice that you made it. the mystery of it all. LOL.

Anna Banana said...

Ok, this is a brilliant idea Karyn!! I love it!
I, too, can't afford to give away a bunch of Copics or the Nesties, and I think this is a great idea.
Anna Banana