Saturday, May 16, 2009


This card was made using all scraps from on my work area. I am in a swap where we are to send our partner Posies/Flower cards - 2 of them this month. This is my first one. I used a shimmery base of purple, added some patterned paper I found on my desk, crumbled a piece of tissue paper (from acetate box) , flattened it out a bit then rubbed Sunflower Palette Ink pad over it. I crumbled it again, flattened it and Violete Ink over it. I used a piece of silvery-white ribbon over the center where the 2 papers joined and adhered it to the card front. Adding a layer of stamped flowers from a TAC set called Fanciful Flowers which used various stick inks to make purples and yellows on them. I added the flowers with a green brad center to the upper corner. Kinda funny how the card looks really amazing in person but the picture is only so-so.



Stef H said...

This is beautiful. Wish my scraps looked that good - LOL!


Ceal said...

great card! I need to use my scraps more than I do

Monica-FC said...

I love how you use scraps to make a card. way cool girl. :)