Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blue Heavenly Holes

I really don't know why this technique is called Heavenly Holes but that is what it is, a new one from the current TJ newsletter! I wanted to shoot an up close so you could see the different sizes the holes were as well as the double layer flowers I cut with my Slice.
The flourish stamp you see in the back is from FireCracker Designs as is the Bluebird you will see on the card front in the larger picture. The theme for this card was the color blue so I think I did a pretty good job of achieving that LOL! The blue paper was in a slab I got from Joann's eons ago. The white you see showing through actually has a bit of color flecked in so it is not true white and blends well with the blue paper.

I colored the bluebird with Prisma Watercolor pencils and used my SU blender pen to move the color around. Like the way they move the color verses getting it all sloppy wet with the waterbrush lol!



Monica-FC said...

ok, I like the card but why do they call it this tech?? heavenly holes?? doesn't make sense unless I just don't get it your card is pretty.

Anna Banana said...

I love all the blue and I actually think that in your card the holes look like stars peeking through from the heavens, so that's probably why they call it Heavenly Holes!!

Anna Banana

FireCracker082 said...

lovely! really like the use of the flourish stamp like that! just gonna have to CASE

Unknown said...

This came out really pretty I like all the holes