Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you dads, step-dad's, grandpa's, husbands out there! I know I am very thankful for my wonderful dad (who currently is at Walt Disney World with my brother and his family - you lucky ducks!) he was and is my hero! I hope you take time today to tell your special person how you feel about them too!

While playing with my card kit that I happened upon I made up these 3 cards...

This is a neat one with the die cut on it and cut out of the paper to make it look more layered than it actually is. Nifty idea I will be duplicating in the future too!

Crinkle the paper up smooth it out, repeat as needed then swipe your ink pad across it to get a vintage worn look for your paper. This always makes a great card and I love how it worked with the pattern and wrinkles to make it very unique just like Grandpa is! I was putting this one together and realized it made me sad as I no longer have either of my grandpa's here to give this too. I miss them bunches and am glad for the many happy memories they gave me and all the lessons they taught me over the years. I miss them very much!

Don't you always wonder where those dad's get their super powers? It's in the tie baby! LOL ok so maybe not really but I think it has a little merit I mean why is it always ties associated with dad's day? LOL This card uses a cut and fold technique that was rather difficult to do without the help of a hard guide. I think they make stencils for these decorated cut and fold designs and if you plan to do them - invest in the stencil! It will go much easier and not end up a little wonky like this one! LOL! As I said earlier this is for the genuine super dad I have! I hope he is having a wonderful day today!


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Stef H said...

WOW Karyn! these are all awesome. i love the crinkled one. the colors on that are fabulous.