Friday, June 5, 2009

Look what I got!

Awhile back I posted an art share - unfortunately not all my spots filled up - fortunately for you that means you can still get in on it if you like :)

Here is the original link for the details.

I received the following 2 cards from Stevie for the art share - they are wonderful!

Thank you so much Stevie for playing with me! I really like the one with the bird, the depth it shows since it is cut out is great!

I also got something from Anna but that has yet to be photographed so I will share another day!



christina d said...

I really like the cards you got. The bird is so neat!

Anna Banana said...

Those cards are really nice - I think i have yet to post to Stevie a thank you either personally or on my blog - I'm such a bad blog friend right now :(

I just really wanted to say I like your new butterfly blog wallpaper.