Sunday, July 5, 2009

America the Beautiful

ETA: well this was yesterday's post and unfortunately it didn't go through due to Bloggers ongoing temper tantrum so I am forcing it through now for you all to enjoy. Sorry I missed the 4t, hope your day was great!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day. we will be at a car show, going to a parade and then cooking out. I am looking forward to being out in the sun today :) Glad they are calling for mild temps too so not scorching out there! Remember to thank a veteran today, without them we would not have AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL!

Now onto the card :)
This was made using a TJ technique oddly looking like fireworks isn't it {grin}
I layered it onto a dark blue card base adding some red accent layers and then glittered some stars with some fairy dust and added too.

Have a wonderful day!



Danni said...

Great card!!

Jan Holt said...

I love that card!

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Monica-FC said...

I love the card and how you did the background and hope your 4th was great. I stayed at home waiting on a phone call from the cable to hewlp with computer but it didn't come until today. go figure. I missed easting lots of great stuff at MIL's house.

Anonymous said...

Well I think this is gorgeous Karyn!! (Even if posting late!!) :)

I've not tried out that BG yet, but I so love your version of it here!! Gorgeous!! TFS!

Stef H said...

it was worth the wait. it's beautiful! is that a stamp "America the Beautiful" or did you write it? just curious as it's stunning.


Anna Banana said...

Love It! Love It! Love It!

I have done a sheet of this background - and I am excited to use it - I just need to find the right image for the colors I used!

Oh - and are we calling it "Fairy Dust" now instead of glitter?? Whatever gets you to use it!!
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