Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moo Booklet

On my last trip to Hollo's I found these nifty little plastic holders. I imagine they are for name tags as they have a slit in them and then a place for a pin to go through at the top. I figured they would be perfect size for Moo's! LOL so yep I made a tiny Moo booklet with some stamps from Elemental Doodles. Here are a couple pages for you to see, they are being sent to Mel and a few I didn't get very good pics of - maybe she will and you can see them in their gallery then.

I found a scrap of paper that looked somewhat like a post card so I cut it to size and then stamped some of the items from the Mini Just a Note set and added them to it.

For this one I liked the quote and I added the buttterfly - whose wings flair up a bit (until you put him in the holder LOL!) I also added a trio of mini pearls to the corner of this one.

I made the theme of the booklet Friendship and this is the front cover.



Unknown said...

such a cute idea. Love it.

Lesley said...

Cute idea Karyn!