Friday, August 21, 2009


This Girl on Sled is a new single from FireCracker Designs by Pamela and she is just the right size to fit with these lovely pine trees from the Just Breathe (Again) set While I was using them I figured I might as well go for the mountains from Little Things in the background too! So there is my scene complete with sky and have to pretend that whomever was pulling the little child is standing off taking the picture of her :)

The sketch I used for this card was done by one of my BSB24 sisters - Wendy. She posts them weekly and you can find this one here...Browse her blog for more too.

Instead of a flourish on the side you will see I used some snowflake felt - I don't know who it is by as I got it in a group swap but cutting 4 of the flakes seemed about perfect for this card...and guess what I have card #2 ready for my Holiday Card box! WooHoo!


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