Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Winner Winner!!! FINALLY!

So it is time to pick the monthly reader blog candy so
I go to my saved clip for which day to use from Random.org and this is what it says:

ummm not a single comment on this post...(cry cry weeping, rubbing eyes, sniff!)
I'll try again then so back to random.org and get a new # and clip it and another day is drawn but I didn't post anything that day LOL.

I will give this one more go and if there isn't a comment or post then no one is winning this month!

Off to random.org again and this is the new # drawn:

(click if you want to see winning post)

so on the 21st I have one lone comment and it is from Stef! So congrats to Stef I will be posting your prize out this week sometime I have your addy already so no need to send it to me :)

So if you want to win all you have to do is comment on the posts this month and you have a chance. I did the random.org one more time so I have this month's date from which I will draw from all tucked away...you never know it could be today or not until the very last day of the month or one of them in between :) he he

Good luck for September readers - I truly enjoy hearing your feedback on the posts!



terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Sneaky way to get a visit every day! But it's a good thing!

Stef H said...

i'm sorry there were no posts other than mine, but i'm happy i posted! looking forward to you fun prize! and it's always nice to visit here.

thank you for your kind comment and support to me for leaving SU. i believe SU is going down with this one! or at least losing tons of the demos. how sad!


terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

My earlier comment was just a tease, Karyn is very generous to her followers! I'm just one of them that doesn't comment often, so I was teasing!

Melisa, FCD DT Member said...

Hi Karyn! Just stopping by to say hi! I'm so excited about making the FCD DT and look forward to working with you gals!

christina d said...

Congrats on the FCD position. I think it's great you're staying around!

Anna Banana said...

Congrats Stef!!

I will try to be a better commenter and not just look at the feedblitz posts to my e-mail!
Anna Banana

TesaB said...

Hi Karyn!
I'm taking a little blog tour to get to know you all a little better! You've got a BEAUTIFUL blog!!! I'll be sure to check in again and it will be lovely to work with you and the rest!

Unknown said...

It's so easy to get all caught up in the great articles and beautiful pics I sometimes forget to leave a message & tell you how much I enjoy your blog - I DO!!!
You're in my favorites...Tracy

Monica-FC said...

congrats steph