Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Place cards

Thanksgiving Placecard

I had made mini place cards for our Thanksgiving Dinner and not had a chance to take a picture of them cause yep you guessed it I made them last minute!  Anyway I thought all was lost because everyone liked them so much and it was decided to leave them there for next year (I am thinking they will get “safely” put away and never seen again since we won’t be able to find them!  LOL) I was happy to see my daughter had snapped a picture of hers and posted it to her countdown album (she is taking/sharing a photo a day until her wedding next year) so I snatched it and clipped it and here you go!  I used the digital image called Count Your Blessings from FireCracker Designs by Pamela. 

The great thing about digital images is you can make them WHATEVER size you need! In this case less than an inch!  Hardest part about these was the cutting out of the image.



P.S. if you care to see some of my daughter’s work you can check out her page Saving Memories Photography


Shelly Schmidt said...

Beautiful Place Cards-such a beautiful image! How many days until the wedding???

Danni said...

Very nice!!

christina d said...

I love the placecards. That is so neat. I have that image too, I think.