Friday, January 1, 2010

A tale of 3 penguins

Well I am sure you remember me teasing you on this post about more penguins right?  I couldn’t make you wait any longer so TaDa a tale of 3 penguins…

Once upon a time there lived in a drawer a cute orange container. If you lift the lid the delightful penguins smile and grin at you making you want to take them out and ink them up!  LOL

so I am not the best story writer but these guys are so cute I had to do something with them this year since for some reason they didn’t seem to make it onto my Christmas cards.  I had won a blog something or another a long time ago and received these frames and glass slides (Ink Essentials) so I figured that it was a perfect combination to put them and the penguins together to get a delightful set of ornaments!

Penguin Ornaments

I love the 4th penguin in the set also but his scarf was a little too fluffy and wild to fit into the slide space so he will have to make an appearance another time! I colored with Copic Markers and Spica pens. I edged the papers with some ink and the backs are done with a little bit of the Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses paper scraps I had left over from all the other holiday card making I had been doing.

Penguin Ornaments with Box 

I served the little fella’s up in a fun Chinese take out box that was also from Basic Grey (Sorry can’t recall the line I bought it many years ago and forgot to save the paper edge with the info)

So hope you like them and what a fun idea this was – I will be keeping my eye out for sales on the frames so I can make a few more sets of these for next year also!

Happy New Year!




Connie said...

I love those little guys Karyn! They are perfect in that setting!

Michelle B. AKA JustPaintingAround said...

Very cute! These penguins are perfect for these frames.

christina d said...

These are cute. What great ornaments they make!

Melisa Waldorf said...

Hey girl! The stamps are The Angel Company. I have this set and need to use them, thanks for the inspiration, they are adorable! I didn't know they would fit to perfectly in the slides! What a wonderul Christmas ornament!

Etha said...

OMG these are too cute and awesome!! What a neat project :)