Thursday, February 4, 2010

Falling in Love

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I wish I could say my absence has been because I was busy falling in Love all over again but it hasn’t although I have been spending some time with the ones I love!  My cousin came last week and stayed over to the beginning of the week to visit me which was AWESOME! I had not seen her in almost 7 years!  We have to fix that and arrange a visit sooner as I had so much fun with her being here and just hanging out.  Anyway on to the card…

Falling in Love all over again….it is that time of year when people start thinking those things :)  I made a non traditional Valentine out of purples and greens and then over stamped the speckles onto the edges of the top quote and embossed with fine embossing powder in Rose. The stamps are from TAC and I am not sure who makes the paper I found it in a box in my room as I was cleaning things out.



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christina d said...

I love your card. It soulds like you had fun this last week too.