Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frog Flakes

 Picture 053 Picture 054

 We are anticipating another Winter Storm as I type this it is probably already upon us as this posts in the AM.  I really am wanting to be done with Winter – I don’t like the cold and miserable dull gray days that surround us.  I long for some sun and warmth! 

For this card I used my Hambo Stamps One and Done Auction frog again :) I think he is adorable!

For the base of snow I used Polar White Flower Soft and then the flakes are glitter rub–ons that I had in the misc drawer in the craft room.

I colored with Copic Markers and added a bit of Liquid Appliqué to his hat.




Stef H said...

oh karen! this is just adorable. we have sun and alot of the snow has melted - but i, too, am sooooo sick of winter. trouble is, we can't escape it! it's all over. what in the world is going on - LOL.

hugs ♥

Danni said...

How fun!!

christina d said...

I really like your card. The frog flakes are so cute!

Kathy W said...

so funny- a frog in the snow, cute!