Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mini Purse of Dew Drops

 Mini Purse Dew Drops Mini Purse Dew Drops 1

For a few months I was drawing a random blog reader # and sending a small prize out.  I had to put that on hold for a bit, money is just a little too tight right now for us plus a lot going on at home and I was feeling overwhelmed a bit with “obligations” although fun they still weigh me down.  Anywhooo one of the items I had made and inserted into one of the packages was this small purse and it was filled with a package of dew drops in clear so that the recipient could use them or color them to suit their need.

Just came across the pictures and wanted to share with you all :)



Anna Banana said...

This is fantastically adorable!! Great idea and SOOOOO easy!! Thanks for posting :) XOXO
Anna Banana

christina d said...

That is so cute. And every cardmakers dream, dew drops!! That is such a neat idea and so very pretty!

Sonia said...

Love the mini purse, look pretty.
How you did this purse? do you have a tutorial?


Connie said...

Love the purse Karyn! I'm slow in blog checking, sorry.