Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Star Book

Picture 014_renamed_1746 

Remember the candy purses from {this post}? Well this is one of the items that was hiding in the front of the box :)  A star book that was started when I attended the TAC 10 year Seminar celebration with a friend!  If you are familiar with TAC you know that was a few years ago {grin!} I was cleaning and found it and my mom wanted some fun booklet type things so I figured it fit the bill. I finished it off and she was pleased as pie with it!  WeeHawwww!  I don’t recall the paper line names and all that so you just have to enjoy the snapshots I got. All supplies are TAC though except the ribbon which are probably Really Reasonable Ribbon scraps I had laying around.

Picture 013



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Juliet A said...

I love TAC papers - I should probably use some to make something cool like this.