Wednesday, April 21, 2010

blog hoppin'

I'm participating in a really cool cardmaking/scrapbooking blog hop! And if you have a blog of this type, you can too! Here's how:

1. Click the blue frog that says "add your link" at the very bottom of this post to add your blog. Fill in the fields that appear, click next, then select a thumbnail picture to appear (will take a few minutes to show up).

2. Copy the following script and put it on your blog post while in HTML view.
This will make the thumbnail collection appear on your post as well and be available for your readers too.

**The script is this, however you must add a < in front of the word script at the beginning and add < / script > WITH OUT THE SPACES behind the link at the end of it in order for it to work!

script src=

3. Provide the code on your blog for others to grab. Just mention to paste it on HTML view when blogging.

4. Ask your readers to add their blogs on the list and also copy and paste the script on their blog as well! It will be updated on everyone's blog when someone enters a new link.

Vicky over at Clip'n'Cuts started this to celebrate her 100th blog post!

I can't wait to get a few moments to peruse through some of these blogs.

Have a great week!


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Sugar Land Scrapper said...

I am loving this kind of blog hop! I am having a blast!