Sunday, May 16, 2010

Outlines Birthday Card

kc~Outlines Birthday Card

Outlines Stamps!  I have a friend who was really into these and had brought them to a shoebox party.  I did a few but the whole cutting and layering up thing was/is a PITA for me with my carpal tunnel and fibro hand issues.  So I had put this into a folder and forgotten about it for some time.  Well again on that cleaning out rampage I went on I found the pieces parts and lucky me was having a good day so I took the time to assemble it.  Cute card but square.  Yeah I am not so into square cards cause I have no square envies and I don’t like having to pay extra postage to mail them!  Soooo now it sits in the completed cards pile but no idea what I will do with it!



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Monica-FC said...

you can always make an envy and give it for a birthday or some occassion like that. love the card and the stamps you used on it.