Monday, May 10, 2010

Paper Bag Album

kc~TAC paper bag book

Paper bag albums used to be all the rage and any variation on them was something worth trying :)  I attended the TAC seminar a few years back with a friend and while cleaning out a drawer found another project we had started there.  I finished it up and sent it on to my Mom to use or sell or whatever she wants with.  I am sorry I no longer know the paper pack name that was used but the bags are folded nearer to the end to make it long like it is. There are varying size pockets to use in it and a few tags too.




Stef H said...

wow! this is fabulous!

Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

I love this!! I really need to try one of these, especially after seeing yours LOL

Sonia said...

Look fabulous... I never did a paper bag i hope one day i do some like these one.


Monica-FC said...

so neat. I haven't done one for a while. they take time. love tis and all the little pockets they contain also. so cool to put something in for anybody.

Kathy W said...

great find, makes me want to do one soon