Thursday, August 5, 2010

Audrey Bird Watching

 Picture 083

ok so I don’t really know if Audrey is watching the birds or not she seems to be glancing back towards us looking at her but I choose to call it that because inside this sweet little card I used the For the Birds image to make a bookmarker. I loved combining the 2 images so they could stand alone but yet they could be together too cause like I said you never know what she is really doing hanging out there on the porch :)

Picture 084

the bookmarker is connected to the card for now but easily can be torn off to use in your current read.  I think it is a fun alternative to the basic card I normally tend to make!




Unknown said...

That little girl is such a cutie. And I love the book mark. I need to make me one.

Monica-FC said...

that is neat making a card and bookmark in one.

FireCracker082 said...

what a terrific idea! love how you added the bookmark to the card! gotta try it! lovely coloring too!